Dear responsible, thank you for your confidence.

We present our reservation form and contract online for the academic year 2018. We kindly read with utmost attention to all fields and fill them correctly so that we have more accurate information. The information will be posted in our database. Send to the email address of the scheduled embarkation / disembarkation and contract effected. Any change in this contract: cancellation, address, travel, etc.., Should be informed to e-mail :, thus maintaining the register up to date.


Students Names:



Yes Monthly Fee R$ 150,00


Parent/Legal Guardian:


Home Phone:

Cell Phone:



Transportation Options:

Pick up and drop off (home/school/home)

Only pick up (home/school)

Only drop up (school/home)

Student physical address: (pick up and drop off location):

Emergency Contacts – Phone:

Important Notice:

* Please have the student(s) at their assigned bus stop at least five (5) minutes prior to their pick up time.

* Please notify the Transportation Office(writen authorization) of any changes such as:

relocation of residence, changes in a drop off point and general phone numbers.

* Any student riding a bus other than the one they are assigned to, (for any reason)must obain a Bus Pass from the Building Principal before they will be allowed to ride.

* Please notify the Transportation Office in advance in case off student absence or any changes of transportation plans.

Medical Information:

Important Notice

* Due date the 5th business day of every month.

* Any rider that uses the transportation for 1,2 or 3 times a week will pay for the entire month like every rider.

* The transportation is exclusive for the use of the school and work only from Monday to Friday.

School transport contract 2018


Yes, I have read and accepted the policy of providing services for the year 2018